Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Movie Review Podcast: Legend of the Melonheads (2010)
"Loved the Story, Good Acting & a Really Fun Movie"
"Fun Original Film"
Kevin D Hawkins
I saw your movie last night and I enjoyed it please keep me apprised of any other movies that you make.
Jake White
"Amazing movie"
Cathy Lucrezi Madsen
"OMG....LOVE LOVE LOVE those deleted scenes and bloopers!!!!"

Deleted Scenes:  Both current and past cast member scenes that had to be cut.

Blooper Reel:  A host of gag, screw ups and general mayhem from the set.

Dave's Planet Music Video:  "I'm the One" music video by Dave's Planet, featured in Legend of the Melonheads. 
                      Also the first anything to do with video by director Brian C Lawlor &  Laugh-at-the-Law Productions.

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ShockStar Studios is an Independent Production Company, specializing in Horror!

Founded by 2 original members of Laugh-at-the-Law Productions, Brian C Lawlor & Shawn McLaughlin.

Future Projects:

Current Status: Pre-Production

Based on actual events. 
The Cult of Aquarius is gaining in popularity and power.  Openly breaking from the main church, and gaining converts from  all sections of society.  Unfortunately, some of his followers are just not conforming the way they should.

Written & Directed by Brian C Lawlor, comes a drama like no other.  Filmed in a combination of styles the audience will be hard pressed not to feel as though they are there as the events unfold, yet they too are powerless to stop it.

Currently looking for investors.

Current Status: Pre-Production

Some places get their name for good reason.  There is an Evil out in these woods, an Evil long forgotten.

Currently seeking investors.  Budget approx. 25-50k.  To be shot in Lake County Ohio.  Using HD Media.

Director: Brian C Lawlor, Producers: Open, Set Manager: Open.

Hell's Hollow will be a feature length motion picture that will be shot in the HD format.  It will be a cross genre film using elements of horror and drama, to create more of a suspense murder mystery.  Utilizing local shooting locations and an accomplished local cast  this will be a bold drive into the world of drama and suspense that will entertain generations to come.

Feature Motion Pictures

Headed by  2 time award winning director Brian C Lawlor & award winning producer Shawn McLaughlin, ShockStar is a creative and fresh production company.  Never constrained by the budget (or lack of a budget), ShockStar will create professional results.  Though we specialize in the horror  - we are not  'pigeon holed'.   We love horror, but we can do drama, documentaries and will be trying our hand at comedy.   We are always looking for investors and sponsors:  if you want product placement that will reach a captive audience, let us know.  If we can fit it in the movie (without compromising the story or making it look out of place) we will do it.  If we can't, you can always have it appear in the end credits.

Music Videos

Winners of the 'Best  Rock Video' & 'People's Choice' at the International Independent Film Festival, under the Laugh-at-the-Law banner.  We love music videos.  ShockStar can do classic style or the most whacked out crap you can think of.  Concert footage, scripted story, combination-we have done it, and done it well.  If you have a concept for your video, we will go with that, or if you need us to come up with one-that is where we truly excel!  We can run anywhere from 1-5 cameras at any given time, we use various equipment including dollies, track dollies, cranes and jibs, and the special 'chase cam'.  We can be as elaborate or as low key as you need.  We have lighting and we have low light cameras, we have experience in shooting in the dark and in the middle of a crowd of fans.  We work fast and we work cheap, but always turn out a good product!

Promotions - ShockStar Girls 

If you need promotions: Concert, Premier, or Event - ShockStar Studios has an all female promotions team: ShockStar Girls!!!!  We have over 300 ShockStar Girls across the United States, Canada, South America & Europe!

ShockStar Girls is an all girl promotions team.  Need promo work?  ShockStar Girls has spanned the globe!  Got an event you need girls for or need help to promote something - call on the ShockStar Girls!!

Become a ShockStar Girl:  Want to be part of the newest and hottest promo team?  Send in a picture to see if you can be a SSG of the month and possibly the SSG of the year!!!  Send pics here.  (Must be 18+)


Yes, we do commercials too.  We specialize in doing 'in house' commercials.  These are commercials or promos that you run in your place of business.  Great for bars and restaurants!  Keep these up to date on up coming specials and events.  We can also offer a special bonus that most companies can't:  We can put your commercial on a movie DVD!  Yes, you can advertise to a captive audience.  Since we are part of an 'umbrella' company, we can get commercials on various DVDs.  Also, if we do a commercial for you, it is yours!  We will not hold the rights to it (we will only use it in our portfolio), so that means we will NOT charge you every time it airs -like other companies do.